Why sell on Yummi Hero ?

No matter what kind of cuisine or food you have to share, Yummi Hero makes it simple, hassle-free and secure to sell to your friends and the foodies, at the same time also building up your supporters. You’re in full control of your menu, availability, prices, offer and how you interact with your supporters and customers.

Selling in 3 Steps

  1. List your food for free

    Share any food without sign-up charges and listing fee. List as many foods as you can cook and made. It’s all FREE.

  2. Decide how you want to sell

    Choose your own schedule, prices, and food options for your supporters and foodies. We’re there to help along the way.

  3. Welcome your first supporter & customer

    Once your listing is live, your supporters and foodies can reach out. They can message you through the web store system with any questions before their place order.

About Yummi Hero

What is Yummi Hero?

Yummi Hero connects people with authentic homemade food to enjoy and shares the happiness experiences in Malaysia. The community is powered by home chefs, who gather and provide their supporters and customers with the experiences to enjoy the unique home taste food and happiness.

What is homemade food ?

If you are passionate in cooking, know how to cook nice food, love to share your delicious cooking with people, or have an expertise, you can earn money by sharing it with any foodies in Malaysia. What kind of food you love to share and when you can cook is all up to you.

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