Homemade Cake Delivery Kuching

At Yummi Hero, we pride ourselves for having a wide variety of cakes that suit both traditional and modern taste buds for every occasions. For folks that prefer classic traditional taste, a simple yet delicious butter cake is always a go-to. We also feature traditional layer cakes, which gives a local homey feel. If you’re looking for a fresh taste, some of our creative bakers have given a modern twist to these layer cakes by introducing novel flavours, such as green tea cheese, chocolate mint, and coconut yam! Their vibrant colours are a pleasure to the eyes, and a treat to the tummy!

Cake for every special occasion

When it comes to modern cakes, Yummi Hero’s vendors gets inspiration from all over the world to create an array of cakes of different forms and textures. Soft and jiggly Japanese cotton cheesecake, light and airy French Mille Crepe, rich and chcocolate cake are a few on the list. High-quality and intricate artisan patisseries can also be found on our platform. These patisseries require a high dedication and delicacy to perfect, and you can be rest assured that our bakers have put in the effort to bring you the products of the finest quality and yummy taste.

Our cake delivery services spans across the whole of Kuching, Sarawak. Meaning you don't have to worry about your birthday cake or mother's day cake not getting to you in time for your special occasion.

Cake brings fun and joy to every party and get-together just because it’s such a versatile dessert. It can be forever changing and never boring. We specialise in cakes for any occasions, such as full moon cake, birthday cake, and valentine's day cake. Our vendors will also happily cater to any special designs for specific occasion. There’s definitely a cake for everyone. What are you waiting for? Try one of our ever-creative cakes today!
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