Refunds and Return Policy

For Buyer : 1. No refund or cancel once you have placed orders. 2. Yummi Hero will NOT entertain any dispute or complain regarding the refund or order cancel which initiated by buyer. 3. No return once the seller has delivered the food to you. 4. FULL payment will be credited to your Yummi Hero account automatically without any charges for your next purchase, if : a.) The seller cancels the order; b.) The seller did not deliver the food on the delivery date which has mutual agreed; c.) The order has expired and the seller has failed to reschedule the delivery date within 3 days; d.) The buyer has cancelled the order after the seller rescheduled the delivery date. Yummi Hero will review each Buyer’s application on a case-by-case basis and, in its sole discretion, determine whether Buyer’s application is successful. For Seller : 1. Entitle to have 5 cancellation per month without paying bank charge. 2. RM 1 bank charge will be charged for every order cancellation after the 5 entitlements.

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