Western Food Delivery

Western food could refer to Australian, Canadian, European, Latin American, New Zealand or North American cuisine. Being such a broad umbrella term, this list is certainly not exhaustive, and there are even more variations in Malaysia, where Western food also tends to refer to Western-style food that have been heavily adapted to local tastes, created by immigrants who worked as cooks for Western employers.

Yummi Hero has a large selection of Western food, including marinated meats like marinated New Zealand ribeye, black pepper pork chop and peri-peri salmon. If you prefer something that is ready to eat, opt for the black pepper boneless chicken, hamburger, or cheesy chicken chop. Want something with more carbohydrates? Why not try the spaghetti Bolognese, or the chicken lasagna, and have a cream of mushroom soup while you’re at it! Or, if you prefer a snack instead of a full meal, try the fries, popcorn chicken, hash brown, or simply order the double ham egg chicken sandwich.

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