Locally Made Spread And Jam

Sometimes, the difference between delicious bread and bland bread is simply the spread used. A good spread can transform plain toast into a wonderful breakfast, while a bad spread could turn the softest buns into something unpalatable. Try some homemade strawberry jam or peanut butter from Yummi Hero to up your toast game.

Sometimes, the spreads sold commercially in supermarkets just don’t cut it. Why settle for basic peanut butter when you can have peanut butter with Sarawak kululut honey or organic peanut butter with sea salt? In fact, there are also many other nut butters besides peanut butter, like pecan butter, pistachio butter, and walnut butter. For something more extravagant, you could try the hazelnut dark chocolate spread as well, or skip the nuts entirely and go for a white chocolate spread. If you prefer a twist on a classic, there’s also yam kaya and pumpkin kaya that’s bound to excite your tastebuds.

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