Sauce And Spice Condiment

With no end in sight for the Movement Control Order (MCO), we are all adapting to life at home, be it for school or work. As we eat out less and stay home more, many of us are cooking more regularly. With the right sauces, spices and condiments, anyone can be a master chef at home.

Besides classic condiments like Sarawak roasted pepper, spicy garlic paste and sweet and sour chilli sauce, there are also a wide range of powders to spice up your life every day. From powders with health benefits like sweet potato powder, kale powder and mushroom powder to powders bursting with flavour like lemongrass powder, salted egg powder and cheese powder, there’s a powder for every dish. No time to prepare a curry base but craving for curry chicken? Try the freshly made Thai green curry paste or rempah paste to cook delicious curry fast, and have it with some spicy acar while you’re at it.

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