Malay Food Delivery

If you’re looking for more spice in your life, you are in the right place. That’s because Malay, Nyonya and Indonesian cuisine uses many delicious spices to produce mouth-watering dishes that would leave you hungry for more. However, did you also know that Nyonya and Indonesian cuisine have influences from Chinese, Javanese, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines as well? Hence, having foods from these cuisines will not only spice up your life literally, but also give your tastebuds a culinary trip all over the world.

Try the homemade nasi lemak or ayam masak kicap, a special chicken dish cooked with local kicap sauce, for a filling meal. If you’re looking for something lighter, have some Nyonya acar or homemade fish otak-otak, served Indonesian style, with peanut sauce. If you’re not having it immediately, you can also opt for the frozen option to have otak-otak any time. Of course, one should always have dessert as well – try the Nyonya burbur chacha for a creamy, decadent end to your meal.

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