Homemade Kuih Delivery


Kuih, which means flour-based foods in the Hokkien dialect, comes in all shapes and sizes. There are numerous variations and adaptations in different regions, and can refer to puddings, biscuits and cakes that are often made from rice or glutinous rice. Kuih is a must-have in celebrations like weddings and baby birthdays, and can be savoury or sweet. At Yummi Hero, you can find homemade traditional kuihs like Ang ku kuih or red tortoise cake in Hokkien, Huat kuih and Kuih bahulu.

Dim sum refers to small dishes in Cantonese cuisine, which was traditionally for breakfast or lunch, but is now also a popular supper option. Dim sum is often served in teahouses, but with Yummi Hero, you can enjoy dim sum at your doorstep. Try the egg tart, or the lor mai gai, also known as glutinous rice chicken, for a sumptuous snack, or have a charsiew bao for breakfast!

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