Japanese Food Delivery

Japanese cuisine consists of regional and traditional Japanese food, which has influences from Chinese cuisine and Western cuisine. Today, Japanese food is one of the most popular in the world –Tokyo the most number of 3-starred Michelin restaurants in the world! Japanese food consists of various dishes, which may contain seafood and vegetables, as well as staples like soba and udon. At Yummi Hero, you can expect to find homemade sushi, gyudon, takoyaki and unagi rice, or small dishes like wakame and edamame.

Korean cuisine revolves around vegetables, meat, and rice. Side dishes or banchan are also common, and kimchi is an essential part of every meal. Many condiments are also used in Korean cuisine, such as gochujang or fermented red chilli paste, soy sauce, doenjang or fermented bean paste and sesame oil. Look no further for delicious Korean dishes like kimbap, pork bulgogi rice and kimchi jiggae. If you’re looking for fusion, kimchi spaghetti is the way to go. With Yummi Hero, you don’t have to fly to Japan or Korea to enjoy authentic Japanese and Korean food!

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