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At Yummi Hero, we serve to cater to the sweet tooth in you! Home to the best homemade dessert based in the heart of Kuching, Malaysia, our founders aim to capture the hearts of every local with our dessert platform that showcase a variety of Chinese New Year cookies and delicacies. From sweet and tangy pineapple tarts to crispy and savoury seaweed crackers, all desserts and snacks are freshly made upon order by our home vendors. The vendors use only the finest ingredients to bring out the buttery goodness and tingling flavours of delicate homemade recipes. Hurry and order one for yourself or share it with your family and friends through our hassle-free delivery service. Usher into the prosperous new year with our irresistible treats!

Yummi Hero is also the home to more than a hundred favourite Malaysian staples, such as kuih kapit, kuih bahulu, and angku kuih. These kuihs are traditionally sold by local street vendors, signifying our heritage and culture. Now, we bring a modern twist to deliver them conveniently to your doorstep, while preserving the taste and originality that you are familiar with.

We also feature a variety of Chinese Tong Shui - sweet soups or custard-like desserts that can be enjoyed cold or hot. Various ingredients in Tong Shui such as red dates, wolfberry, white fungus,and peach gum are known to have nutritious benefits - to preserve youthful skin, to improve digestion and gut health, and to strengthen overall immune system. Tong shui is the best combination of nourishment and great taste.

If traditional sweets are not your preference, we also features different types of cakes and patisseries. Box cakes, jelly cakes, pie cakes - our cakes come in various fun forms and sizes so you can try something different every time! We also have cakes inspired by tastes all around the world, such as Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, Indonesian Kek Lapis, and French Mille Crepe. Navigating through our page will definitely tingle your taste buds.

From traditional kuihs, to modern patisseries – you name it, we have it. With just a few simple clicks, you are on your way towards your dessert companion for your next quiet afternoon teas, cozy get-togethers, or warm family gatherings.
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