Homemade Chinese Food

Chinese dishes are greatly varied and diverse. Each region has its own cuisines, and the dishes are further adapted to new local palates when people migrate overseas. In Malaysia, Malaysian Chinese cuisine was developed by Chinese immigrants and their descendants, who settled in Malaysia. Due to the fact that most of the Chinese immigrants came from southern China, Chinese cuisine in Malaysia largely comprises food rooted in cuisines like Teochew, Hakka and Cantonese, which are located in the southern part of China.

On Yummi Hero, you can find homemade Chinese dishes like nutritious winter melon chicken soup, delicious handmade dumplings, succulent sea cucumber, spicy curry pork leg rice and delectable shredded pork rice. Modern, trendy dishes like malaxiangguo, which has taken Southeast Asia by storm, can also be found here. If you’re looking for Chinese snacks, try the coin rougan or coin bakkwa, a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product similar to jerky.

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