Homemade Chinese Dessert (Tong Sui)

Tong Sui is Cantonese for sugar water, which describes any Chinese dessert that is sweet, and usually in the form of a warm soup or custard. These desserts are usually served at the end of a meal in Cantonese cuisine, and there are many varieties in various Cantonese-speaking or Chinese communities in many parts of the world. Dried ingredients are typically used, and the desserts tend to be somewhat nutritious. In recent years, there has also been greater use of fruits and yoghurt.

At Yummi Hero, you can expect Chinese desserts like papaya stewed milk with peach gum, black glutinous rice with red bean soup, homemade snow fungus with honey dates and goji berries and tau suan, or mung bean soup. These desserts have various health-giving properties, so you can feel better about satisfying your sweet tooth. Otherwise, one could always opt for stuffed tang yuan or glutinous rice balls, with flavours like peanut, black sesame and red bean, which also symbolises union with family.

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